Rheem Solar Hiline 52S300R7/2NPT Direct Close Coupled ( Thermosiphon ) 3.6KW Electric Boosted Solar Hot Water System


300 L Tank, 2 NPT200 Flat Panel Collectors, 3.6KW Electric Boost


Supply Only and minimum delivery charge - $4800.

Replacement from $1800 extra.


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Discount will not be accepted by any other form of payment.


STC's 28 (current @ 29/5/18) and may be signed over to us for a discount on eligible products we supply and install.


This product is a non-stock item and needs to be specially ordered.


Additional parts and or labour may be required, eg tempering valve or other valves, compliance issues, access or space restrictions.


Tempering valve (required by AS/NZS 3500.4),

15 mm high performance tempering valve from $300 extra.


Prices subject to Terms & Conditions - please read Terms & Conditions before ordering.


Manufacurers Warranty (Domestic Use):

  • Cylinder - 5 years, 3 years labour
  • Collectors - 5 years, 1 year labour
  • Parts - 1 year, 1 year labour

*Warranty conditions apply.


Further information can be found on manufacturer's websites.

Rheem Hiline 52D300/2NPT Close Coupled Electric Boosted Solar Hot Water System